Mrenh Gongveal: Chasing the Elves of the Khmer is a photo essay that delves into a common, but lesser understood, belief of the Cambodians. While learning about the culture and customs of Cambodia, Keith Kelly’s adopted home of 10 years, he was especially fascinated by their folklore. One particular type of shrine dedicated to the Mrenh Gongveal, Elves of the Khmer, caught his imagination. As a personal project he started documenting the more interesting “houses” he came across during his travels. While talking to people, most could give little explanation for the houses other than they “brought luck.” Wanting to know more lead the author upon a 5 year journey collecting photos and information, which is presented in this book.
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Mrenh Gongveal: Chasing the Elves of the Khmer
978-0-9961355-0-4 Paperback
978-0-9961355-1-1 eBook (The dual language portion of the eBook in Khmer script requires KhmerOS fonts)
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