Phnom Penh Express book design

Book design for "Phnom Penh Express," a story written by Johan Smits. "A young Cambodian returns home. A diamond shipment goes missing. A foreign assassin arrives in Phnom Penh. And then there’s chocolate – lots of it. Phirun is determined to make it as Cambodia’s first chocolate chef. But things don’t go quite as planned when he gets unwittingly caught up in a deadly turf war between rivalling diamond mafia and those who are after them. Falling in love with a mysterious Khmer-Australian doesn’t help him. Throw in an overzealous post-9/11 American intelligence officer and a corrupt Belgian ex-Colonel, from Tel Aviv through Belgium and Bangkok right up to Phnom Penh – in this fast read of crime and intrigue, chocolates have never tasted so good!"

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